eBash is one of the Midwest’s oldest LAN centers. What is a LAN center? Picture you and your friends bringing your favorite gaming systems over to your house and playing all together. Now picture having that same experience without having to take all your gaming gear with you.

Not only can you game at eBash with your friends just like an old school gaming party, but you also get experiences you wouldn’t normally have in your basement. Think you’re the best at a game - prove it! Whether you're a Sony or Microsoft fan or think that PC is master race, we’ve got something for you!


Dive into the heart of competitive gaming at eBash, where every click, every move, and every strategy propels you closer to glory.

The Esports Arena
eBash's esports arena boasts high-speed internet, advanced gaming PC and consoles with TONS of games catering to gamers of every skill level.
Arcade Alley
Arcade Alley at eBash delivers a modern arcade experience combining physical activity and interactive. Earn tickets to redeem prizes - fun for the whole family.
start your next adventure
We have more than 80 games with free licenses for you to play without even care about purchasing the games. Just take a seat and play!
1 hour
per person
All Day Pass
per person
How does it work?
We provide all the games, equipement and know‒how for gamers to play populay esports titles together. Playing online is fun, but playing online with friends beside you is the ultimate gaming experience!
How to make a reservation
Unless you need to book 10+ computers for a party, eBash is walk-in only.
Tap into Fun!
Download our mobile app now to become a VIP member, or to make a Highlanders reservation. The Sandbox Social app is going to become the heart of the facility, so download it now and reserve your username!
Come Visit Us!
Haute City Center
3401 S US Hwy 41, Terre Haute, IN 47802, United States
Opening Hours
Mon - Thu
12 PM - 9 PM
10 AM - Midnight
10 AM - Midnight
12 PM - 9 PM