what is Weathertop?

Weathertop is your haven for all things board and card gaming! Weathertop is a hub for enthusiasts and casual players alike.

Our shelves are lined with an extensive collection of classic and modern board games, collectible card games, and innovative strategy games that cater to every gamer’s preference.

Weathertop's Legendary Game Nights
Gather & Conquer
Whether you're a seasoned planeswalker, a master of armies, or an eager adventurer stepping into a realm of imagination, Weathertop is your gateway to unforgettable experiences.
From casual kitchen table clashes to more structured tournament play, all levels are welcome. Bring your decks, test your skills, and be part of our growing community of mages. Who knows? You might just be the next to claim the title of Weathertop's Champion.
Whether you command the armies of the Imperium or lead the charge of the Orks, our Warhammer nights are a battleground for glory. With meticulously crafted landscapes and a friendly, competitive spirit, it's more than just a game—it's a saga written in courage and strategy.
Board Games and RPGs
Dive into our vast collection of board games, ranging from timeless classics to the latest hits. Or embark on an RPG adventure, where fantasy becomes reality, and every choice weaves the tapestry of your story. Our Role-Playing Game nights are a haven for those who dare to dream and dare to conquer.
start your next adventure

We have hundreds of tabletop games to play with your friends and family.


Price per hour
It's completely free to come to Weathertop and play any of your board games.
* $10 charge for all day access to the complete Weathertop game library (hundreds of games).
How does it work?
Weathertop is our relaxed space to come and hang out with fellow board-gamers. We have hundreds of board games to play. If there's a free table, just come and grab it and ask for your game of choice!
How to make a reservation
Reservations are coming soon to Weathertop. Unless then its first come first served!
Tap into Fun!
Download our mobile app now to become a VIP member, or to make a Highlanders reservation. The Sandbox Social app is going to become the heart of the facility, so download it now and reserve your username!
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